Cheap Money – Net Lease Single Tenant Market

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Here’s another one from Mark that follows on what I just wrote in the last post. And by the way, I need this kind of product for both buyers and sellers. See my contact page.

It’s the cheap money, decent returns and relative safety that’s driving this market. Costar has confirmed $29 billion in sales year to date in 2011. That’s clipping right along.

This stuff is great for out of state owners because much of it is absolute net with no landlord responsibilities.  True absolute net is impossible in multi-tenant retail or multi-tenant anything. Even if all expenses are to be recaptured per the leases, someone has to be the mediator/arbitrator in multi-tenant so generally, the absolute part doesn’t quite work out to be as absolute as you thought. It’s a PITA. You all know what PITA means?

CoStar News Article – Cheap Money Fueling Net Lease Market

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