Mixed Use Mega Development for Scioto Peninsula on its Way

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Finally, after a century of evaluating plans, something appears to be about to happen with what is considered to be one of the best development opportunities in the country, and that is the Scioto Peninsula.

The Columbus Downtown Development Corporation (CDDC) released its plans and vision to develop 21 acres with calls to major developers all over the country to submit proposals.

According to Guy Worley, President and CEO of the Columbus Downtown Development Corporation, this is the biggest development ever in Columbus.

CDDC has already started marketing the site to approximately 200 local and national developers for detailed proposals and then plans to narrow this list to five or so developers by early summer.   CDDC wants to have a developer choosing by early summer so they can submit the proposal to Franklin County and Columbus for final approval.  Construction is slated for early 2018.

Plans are for seven office buildings of 10-12 stories each totally 840,000 square feet of office space plus two large residential towers of 30 stories or more with at least one being for sale condos. Plus five or more mid-rise residential buildings, each eight to 12 stories tall to also include apartments for a total of 1,500 units or more.  The residential will be self parked and the office space will be served by two large garages.  It will be a novel concept in Columbus to have office space with parking available.

Also planned is 180,000 square feet of ground floor retail and restaurant space in almost all of the buildings.

A pedestrian bridge is planned from the development over to the Arena District, which is a great idea.

Assuming everything concerning the approval process goes smoothly with Franklin County and City of Columbus, construction could begin next spring.  This is likely a decade long construction process so it will be a while before the dust settles.

It’s way too early to look at leasing, but keep me in mind for around this time next years. If you have any needs that I can help you with, call me, Scott Harris at 614-905-6614.

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