Retail and Restaurant Tenant Credit Ratings

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This one is for my triple net retail investors. Net leased retail buyers desiring leverage know that national credit retailers’ credit ratings with S&P and Moody’s are hugely important for getting a loan at decent rates and terms or even getting the loan at all.

Investment grade credit is S&P BBB or above. Once in a while you can get a BBB- rated retailer done by the big lenders, including life companies. For non rated local retailers, restaurants, etc., a local bank with whom you have an existing banking relationship is your best choice.  And better to be non rated than have a B- or a C rating.

I created a credit rating chart a couple of years ago with the then current ratings of the major net lease national retailers. I just updated the chart with current ratings. See the link below.

If you have any questions or need info on a major retailer not listed, call me, Scott Harris Realtor at 310-473-4789 or 614-905-6614


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