As primarily a commercial real estate investor buyer’s agent, I have access to everything on the market. I’m not limited to just the broker’s listings.  Traditional brokers focus on obtaining listing and selling those listings.  That may not be the best choice for you.

If you’re in a 1031 exchange this becomes very important as you have only 45 days in the IRS 1031 identification period after you downleg (relinquished property) closes to identify the three potential properties and close on at least one within 180 days. See my 1031 section with more specific rules governing your choices for your upleg (replacement property).

The 1031 45 day identification period flies by very quickly so you need to see what’s on the market and see it now.

Whether it is Walgreens, CVS, Walmart Neighborhood Market, 7 Eleven or any other credit tenant, S&P BBB or above, NNN, single tenant retail commercial property, I can be a major asset helping you find an appropriate (upleg) replacement property to meet your needs and find it fast.

If you’re a Los Angeles area investor and looking out of state for a higher cap rate 1031 replacement property, I can very likely help.

Contact me, Scott Harris at 310-473-4789 or 614-905-6614


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