Columbus, Ohio Ranked Number 5 in the World Quality of Life Index

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It’s a bit shocking that out of 227 cities in the ranking that Columbus ranks number 5. Columbus has even ranked ahead of powerhouse American cities such as Austin, Charlotte, and San Diego. The other large city that I lived in for 30 years, Los Angeles, is ranked 122. This can’t be because of our wonderful weather so what is it?

Several factors such as ‘Purchasing Power’, ‘Cost of Living’, Property Price to Income Ratio’, Traffic Commute’ and ‘Pollution Index ‘ all contribute to the high ranking for Columbus. If we had decent weather, we’d likely rank number 1.  We don’t have anywhere near the weather that is experienced all year round by Santa Monica commercial Realtors or Los Angeles commercial real estate agents, Columbus is so much stronger in other metrics that it easily compensates.

Getting a little closer to home, we also have a vibrant real estate market, both commercial and residential to keep both Columbus residential and commercial real estate agents happy and busy. New commercial real estate construction has been on quite a run over that last 10 years.  Columbus commercial Realtors have plenty to do. Although Columbus is dominated by large developers who build and hold, there has been slightly more absolute net and triple net leased product coming on market.

If you have interest or questions about Columbus commercial property for sale, feel free to contact me, Scott Harris at 614-905-6614.

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