Smaller Homes and Striking Design

 In Columbus, Green Building, Ohio, Residential

I read a piece on Inman News a few minutes ago that I find quite striking.  

This is further development on the build better, not bigger design theme that we’re seeing in urban infill areas throughout the country.   We’re seeing a bunch of this kind of building in the periphery of our CBD here in Columbus.  

These turn of the century craftsman / bungalow designs of Sarah Susanka are wonderful and I wish we had Sarah’s designs around here in Central Ohio.  Folks in the north suburbs of Chicago might want to take a look, and maybe this could serve as an inspiration in other areas of the county.  Sarah, if you read this, would you like to give this a shot around here?  

And by the way, I have no financial connection nor have I ever met Sarah, and frankly, never heard of her until about 15 minutes ago.  I just hope to spread the word around regarding her designs. This is good stuff

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