Urban Triple Net Retail / Restaurant / Office and Multiunit Development in Columbus for 2017 and Beyond

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I read a very interesting piece in Columbus Underground the other day regarding the massive number of construction projects in the pipeline or proposed in the Columbus downtown and surrounding area. It’s a healthy mix of Columbus triple net retail, restaurant and office with about a third of it multiunit residential.

I’m not going to go into too much detail because that’s what the links to Columbus Underground are for.


Most of the activity was in downtown, which is the best way, IMO, to grow this city. If you don’t have a strong healthy urban core, you won’t have much else.

The renovation of the Leveque Tower is almost complete with the hotel to open shortly and apartments by the end of the year.

Main library opened this year along with the Parsons branch.

The renovated Lazarus building on the Scioto Peninsula reopened as office.

Next was the Short North with many new projects complete and opened, but this is dwarfed by the projects in the pipeline for 2017 and beyond.  Some of the highlights are  the Diplomat at Buttles and High and the Jerome on Dennison Avenue. on Burwell Court, 25 Jeffrey Park.  Also Westminster Thurber completed a major addition to their senior community in Victorian Village.

More exciting is what’s under construction now for 2017 or early 2018 from the new Veterans Memorial to Two25. Much more Columbus Retail / restaurant space is on the way for all of those who have been calling, but with no space for them.  Finally we’re going to have some supply.  This couldn’t make Columbus commercial realtors and brokers any happier.  Columbus commercial real estate agents can get started leasing this space up now..


Some of the highlights for 2017 are:

http://www.columbusunderground.com/two25-commons-bw1 ,

expansion and renovation of the Columbus Convention Center.

Madison mixed-use redevelopment,  National Veterans Memorial and Museum.  See the Columbus Underground article for the remainder and it’s an impressive list.

Even with the above, the best is yet to come with what is currently proposed, from Millennial Tower to the 35 story tower proposed for North Market and the great project for 2nd and High in the Short North.


Millenial Tower and proposal for the North Market parking lot are two of the many many high profile, triple net retail, mixed use projects proposed for 2017 and beyond.

As always, if anyone is interested in any of these opportunities, please feel free to contact this Columbus commercial real estate agent, Scott Harris Realtor, 614-905-6614.

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